Why Good Work?

We believe in Good Work for all. If film and TV is for everyone, then everyone should be able to make film and TV.

‘Good’ work in the Creative Industries is characterised as offering: fair reward commensurate to skill and contribution, that counterbalances security and flexibility; provides autonomy and personal fulfilment; where workers have agency, voice and representation and the opportunity to utilise their skills, develop and progress; in a healthy, respectful and inclusive environment. This experience of work must be fair and equal for all Creative workers, irrespective of their gender, age, ethnicity, disability or socio-economic background.

Working in TV and film is a great job – it is varied, interesting, and carries a high cachet. Often, however, there is a trade off: the work often involves crazy hours, you have to know the right people, you have to ‘be’ a certain way. Good Work means opening up the industry so everyone has the chance to work within it. This can happen: through creating and maintaining a healthy and inclusive workplace. However, there are significant barriers to inclusion in our industry that prevent us from working well:

  • Fast turnaround and unpredictably scheduled commissions mean employers rely on people they know for efficiency and security, contributing to a lack of diversity.
  • Long hours, remote locations and financial insecurity lead to burn out.
  • A lack of flexible working means many are forced to leave the industry, resulting in skills shortages and a lack of diversity.
  • Flexible working initiatives are often only available to staff, excluding freelancers.
  • The boom / bust model of production leaves freelancers open to exploitation.
  • Managers are not trained to manage teams which leads to stress and bullying.

These working conditions are driving people out of the industry. Our training addresses these working conditions as the root cause of the failure of our industry to be inclusive. Our training is designed to build meaningful inclusivity as the central tenet of Good Work.

What we offer

ReelTime offers practical solutions for change in across the television and film industry. Find out how we can help you make TV and film work better for everyone.