ReelTime consults across industry and academia on issues of inclusivity and parity

The mighty bell hooks wrote about love and action: how to put love into the centre of everything we do. Working in TV and film rarely feels like it is about love, even though we are told we must love what we do – because otherwise we wouldn’t put up with the hours, the conditions, what we miss of home when we are away. 

The research we are part of at ReelTime tries to recalibrate this expectation. By thinking about ways in which we can work differently, and how we can put this into practice – to have the different “meaning and focus” that hooks wrote so passionately about.

We can help you think differently about your work and introduce ways to practise effective inclusivity and parity. For more info please get in touch.

Lecturing, writing and projects

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For Universities

The University Offer: Understanding EDI as Good Work

Rowan lectures and trains students of film and TV production, skilling them in how to put EDI into their practice, and provides training to lecturers on the newer demands their students will meet. Using the PEC’s 2023 definition of Good Work, developed for use in the creative industries, ReelTime’s lecture pack works to collapse the disconnect between Good Work and EDI and what happens ‘on the ground’ in TV and film production workplaces.

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Equity, diversity and inclusivity: Once more, with feeling

This essay describes the way thinking around EDI can be advanced to improve working conditions.

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The Reckoning: an apology from the BBC

Read the recent article by Rowan on the BBC One drama The Reckoning – an examination of the life and criminality of broadcaster Jimmy Savile.

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Where have all the PMs gone?

Early conclusions from the Production Managers Survey and (historic and gendered) patterns of devalued work. Rowan is co-investigator of this project at Bournemouth University.

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Safe to Speak Up?

Work with Dr Anna Bull on sexual harassment in the UK film and television industry since #MeToo.


The Currency of Gratitude: Care in the TV Industry

This report by Rowan discusses the potential for gratitude to entrench inequalities in the television production industry.


Keynote: The Currency of Gratitude: Care in the TV Industry

CST Conference 2022 keynote talk by Rowan, on her work at Share My Telly Job and the implicit discriminatory practices of the film and television industries.

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Reflexive Practice, the “Turn to Care” and Accounting for Feeling

Some early work on the potential for care within the TV industry.

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The Time Project – Understanding working time in the UK television industry

Findings from The Time Project – looking at which groups of people face the greatest burden of work in the UK TV industry, and providing recommendations to address these issues.

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Locked Down and Locked Out

A research project exploring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mothers working in the UK television industry. Find out about the project or download the research article (PDF 3Mb) looking at the findings.

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