Job-share training and placement programmes for the UK TV and film industry

We design and deliver job-sharing placement programmes that pair, train, support, and monitor underrepresented talent, creating access to sustainable employment.

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For Production companies

Engaging and Managing Job-sharers for success

Get practical help throughout the lifespan of a project to help you find, manage and support job‑share pairs to thrive in their role.

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For Freelancers

ScreenSkills HETV Return to Work programme

We are thrilled to have kicked off our 2024 Return to Work programme funded by the ScreenSkills HETV Skills Fund. Check back soom for details of our 2024 cohort.

Our programmes train and coach freelancers and their HoDs on how to build successful job‑sharing relationships, how to pitch themselves to companies and how to structure their job‑share according to role and production needs.

We have emerged from these programmes with case studies of successful job‑shares in every department. This has increased knowledge of good flexible practice that is department and role specific, and helped normalise job‑sharing across the industry by showing how beneficial it is both to the pair but and the productions they work on. Download our ScreenSkills HETV Job‑share Bible and the HETV Job‑sharing Talent Brochure in the resource links below. Contact us for more information about the ScreenSkills HETV Job‑sharing Programme.

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ScreenSkills HETV Job‑share Bible

A how-to guide to using job‑sharing as a tool for retaining experienced and diverse crew.

portrait of two women behind the scenes on a TV production


ScreenSkills HETV Job‑sharing Talent Brochure

Find job-sharing talent across all off-camera roles and get funding of up to £10,000 per job‑share pair.

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