Training and Consultancy on Good Work

A holistic approach to inclusion via Good Work

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Based on Rowan’s academic work on ethics of care in TV and film, we consult and train on all aspects of inclusion.

This offer comes in three parts:

  • Part 1. Training: what is Good Work and why it is important
  • Part 2. Consultancy: what are the changes you need to make
  • Part 3. Supporting you in your continued work

Part 1: Training

What is Good Work and why it is important, what it looks like and how it can benefit your company.


  • 2 hours
  • In person or online training session
  • Available to all

You will come away with

  • An understanding of what Good Work and EDI is, and its importance to your company

Part 2: Consultancy

What are the changes YOUR company needs to make in order to integrate Good Work in a meaningful manner, and how these changes can be implemented. This is based on a research design bespoke to your company – there will be a period of consultation addressing issues with inclusivity your company has, followed by training designed to address this.

You will come away with

  • An overview focused on the specific issue you want resolved
  • Analysis of your company looking at where inclusion can be improved
  • A written report on pathways to inclusion through adaptation of your pre-existing workplace culture

Part 3: Support

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