Job-sharing 101: Upskill your people in flexible job design

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An introductory programme for all team members with ReelTime’s Michelle Reynolds

What are the practical benefits of job‑sharing? In this course you will learn how job-sharing is key to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce, how it can benefit your company economically and help productions run more smoothly. Based on research and extensive experience of job-sharing, we deliver clear pathways and hiring practices to introduce job-sharers to your productions.

You’ll come away with

  • Knowledge of good practice on flexible working and job-sharing.
  • Ways to engage senior leaders in the benefits of job-sharing in your company.
  • Practical methods to retain diverse talent and protect the health of your workforce.
  • Useable case studies and practical examples to take the fear out of hiring job-sharers!


  • Half day zoom training
  • Introductory programme for all team members
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